You Can Raise Eternity Changers 

5 Steps to Raising Gospel Minded Children

Through the steps below you can begin to help your kids focus their lives on Christ and God’s purpose for their lives. When you center your days on the Lord, learning about God, sin, Jesus, healing, and living with God forever you will begin to see a change in your home and your child’s life. 

How To Raise an Eternity Changer

Step 1: Write your family’s mission statement. Knowing your family’s purpose, goals and standards will strengthen your relationship with one another, God, and the world. Need help? We’ll send you a FREE Family Mission Statement outline!

Step 2: Sign your family up for our Prepare to Share Course. This course will grow your hearts for the lost and be the first step towards feeling confident to speak more about Jesus to those around you.

Step 3: Pray together for your family and friends. Use our free Prayer Card download to make a list of the people around you that need Jesus. Start praying for them today with your kids. Praying doesn’t have to be scary. Just talk to God, and let your kids talk to Him with you.

Step 4: Start talking to your kids about the 5 Key Gospel Truths. Read about the 5 Key Gospel Truths below (God, Separation, Jesus, Healing, and Eternal Life), and talk about them with your kids whenever you see an opportunity! Order our Table Talk Cards for simple gospel-centered conversations.

Step 5: Give your kids a Gospel-Sharing Tool that will help spark conversations. You can create your own or try our Digital Gospel Tract. Teach your kids how to use it and keep it on hand when you’re on the go or with friends.

Learn to confidently

believe, speak, & repeat.

These 5 truths are the best place to start. See how quickly you can memorize and identify them today!


God is king over all and wants a relationship with you.




Separation from God happens when we disobey and sin.


Jesus is the only one that can rescue you from separation. 



Healing only comes when you put your trust in Jesus.


Living with God lasts forever and you can enjoy it now.


Family Resources to

Help Your Kids Share the Gospel

There are many resources available from our courses on learning to start sharing the gospel to fun tools you can use with your family every day.

We love offering as many resources as we can for FREE to help you and your family get started in learn more about God and how to share the gospel. 

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