Check out our printable and digital resources for when you’re at home or on the go!

Family Mission Statement

This resource will help your family discover their God-given purpose and goals together.

Know Your Faith Story

It is powerful when your family knows how to share their testimony about God’s glory.

Prayer Card

There is power in prayer. This card makes it fun & easy to identify those around you to pray for.

Gospel Story Outlined

You have the knowledge to share your faith, this outline helps build confidence in how to share it.

Five Gospel Truths Presentation

This printable with help you easily learn the five gospel truths to help you share with others. 

Gospel Flip Book

An easy, interactive way to memorize the gospel truths with printable, video and instructions.

Conversation Starters

We’ll help you teach crucial truths with these car talk conversation starters.

Gospel Easter Egg Stuffer

Print, cut and stuff your easter eggs with something that is better than candy.

Additional Digital Resources

Digital Gospel Story Tract

You can use this as a guide to share the gospel or begin memorizing the 5 Key Truths.

Gospel Video Presentation

The message of the gospel is always the same, but order and visualization can help.

Family Table Time Videos

We’ll help you get started with your family table time talks with these fun videos.

Eternity Changers Blog Library

Explore the latest articles and keep updated on the news and events with our the ministry.

More Resources Coming Soon!

You cannot find resources like this anywhere! I love how easy it is to have these beautiful faith conversations with my kids and constantly have God’s Word ready to build confidence in all of us, not just our kids! Thank you, Alyssa & the Eternity Changers team, for making such beautiful and quality resources for families!

Meghan Fontana

Eternity Changers Parent

This ministry and these courses and printouts are awesome tools I use in courses at my church, with our youth ministries, but also with my family at home. I love that I can offer these at my church AND that there’s these free resources to compliment them. Thank you, Eternity Changers!

Justin Haag

Eternity Changers Pastor Partner

Alyssa opened my eyes to Christ with their Just Speak Course outlook; she answered my questions in love and my heart was softened to Christ. I’ve been a huge advocate for Jesus and the work that Eternity Changers is doing since. All of their resources are so valuable and I’ve used them with my children who all believe and share the gospel now too!

Stacey Washington-Paige

Eternity Changers Volunteer

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