Do you know Jesus as your God and Savior?

Unconditional, never-ending, never-changing, perfect LOVE is available for you!

God loves you.

God is king over all and wants a relationship with you. The king of the universe created you because He loves you and wants to live with you forever in heaven one day. The good news is… you don’t have to have it all together. Come as you are!

The Bible says, “See what amazing love the Father has given us! Because of it, we are called children of God. And that’s what we really are!” 1 John 3:1

How You Can Have a Relationship with God?

The Problem…

Everyone has sinned.Have you ever done something you knew was wrong? That’s sin. Sin is when you do, say, or think things that you know are wrong; it’s when you disobey God’s way. Even just one sin separates you from a perfect God, but God doesn’t want to be separated from you.

Isaiah 59:2a says, “But your sins have separated you from your God.”

That’s why He sent His son to heal your relationship with Him.


God’s Solution…

Jesus is the only way for you to have the relationship you were created to have with God. Jesus never sinned, but sacrificed His life by dying on the cross to take away your sins. Then, He defeated death and came alive again, because He is God. 

1 Peter 3:18 says, “Christ also suffered once for sins. The one who did what is right suffered for those who don’t do right. He suffered to bring you to God. His body was put to death. But the Holy Spirit brought him back to life.”

When Jesus died on the cross, He fixed our separation problem by making a way for sinners to be healed, forgiven, and brought into God’s family!


Ready to believe in Jesus?

Healing only comes when you put your trust in Jesus. Trusting Jesus means you believe in what He did for you and are ready to put him in charge of your life. 

Romans 10:9 says, “Say with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord.’ Believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. Then you will be saved.”

Talk to Jesus:

Dear Jesus, I choose your way. I admit that I sin. Please forgive me. I believe you died and came alive to rescue me. I want to make you my King and follow you forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


True Life Starts Now!


When you believe in Jesus, you start a new life – one that begins right now that lasts into eternity! You are now living in a relationship with God that is forever and ever.


I believe. What now? Share Your Story!

Please share your story! We would love to know how this was used in your life. Did you or someone you know start a new relationship with God through Christ? We would love to hear about it.