How to Develop Eternity Changers in Your Church

Gospel Learning Programs

Develop in your church a heart for the lost and a confidence to speak about Jesus.

How to Be an Eternity Changing Church

Step 1: Educate your church on the great commission and their calling to share. Inspire believers of all ages to want to personally help people in their life know Jesus.

Step 2: Book a Parenting Seminar. Our 3 hour seminar invites parents and children to come and get inspired with the gospel. Primarily, it is a great way to empower parents with the confidence to go home and disciple their kids to love, follow, and speak about Jesus.

Step 3: Engage your church with the Eternity Changers Community. Offer your congregation extra resources and support from our Eternity Changers Ministry Team.

Step 4: Equip your church to confidently speak about Jesus to those around them. Offer regular classes for families and individuals to be equipped through training videos, activity workbooks and community engagement.

Church Curriculum Kits – COMING SOON!

Step 5: Empower your church with confidence through regular evangelism outreach opportunities. Plan to provide outreaches where equipped believers can practice having spiritual conversations with others.

christian spiritual conversation starters for kids and families

Partner With Eternity Changers

What you get when you partner with us:

Empowered Parental Discipleship

by offering compelling curriculum both new and seasoned believers can confidently teach their children the pillars of the faith.

Confidence in Personal Evangelism

by continually creating fun and easy resources that will allow families to learn how to speak about Jesus daily. 

Interactive Learning Experiences

by finding new and innovative ways for your families to grow a bold devotion to Jesus.

Encouraging Community Groups

by giving parents a digital environment to keep them motivated to continue to think evangelistically. 

Engaging Gospel Courses 

by providing multiple step-by-step trainings with activity books and videos that encourage interaction, Bible memorization, and spiritual conversation for the whole family.

Dedicated Partnership

by supporting all the ways your church already disciples the precious families God has brought you.

Think of us as a new ministry within your church. By partnering with us you now have a family-focused discipleship and evangelism ministry and outreach. We are here to empower and embolden and watch the Kingdom of God grow as a result.

Resources to

Help Your Church Share the Gospel

The best way to empower families and individuals is to equip them both at church and at home. We provide help with both. 

Use our curriculum as part of your church programs and/or make it available as a discipleship tool for families to use in their homes.

There are many resources available from our courses on learning to start sharing the gospel to fun tools you can use with your family every day.

We love offering as many resources as we can for FREE to help you and your family get started in learn more about God and how to share the gospel. 

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