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Capture Small Moments to Build BIG Faith

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 says, “The commandments I give you today must be in your hearts. Make sure your children learn them. Talk about them when you are at homeTalk about them when you walk along the road. Speak about them when you go to bed. And speak about them when you get up.”

learn the Bible through play

The small moments you spend with your children throughout the day, around the dinner table, and as you tuck them into bed are precious opportunities to talk about Jesus. In fact, we believe that moments add up to days, which add up to years, which lay the foundation for your childrens’ entire lives. That’s why we’ve created these resources to help you have intentional conversations about Jesus at home to equip your kids for big faith that reaches our lost world for the rest of their lives!


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videos to teach families to talk about Jesus at home

Prepare to Share – Online Course for Young Families

Prepare your hearts to spread the word of Jesus. Sometimes we loose sight of the most important things in this world, this course will help you and your family focus your heart on Christ and His ways. Together you will read scripture, do fun activities in your workbook, learn Bible verses with motions through our videos and most importantly grow closer to God and each other. 

Through our Prepare to Share Course you and your family will develop a heart to believe deeply in Jesus, speak boldly about Him and repeat this in your every day life.

videos to teach families to talk about Jesus at home

Table Talk – Gospel Cards

Sometimes the hardest thing about having spiritual conversations in your home is not only the topic to get started, but also the scripture and thought provoking questions to back up the conversation. Our Table Talk – Gospel Cards will solve this problem for you.

Through our Gospel centered conversation starters we’ve made the spiritual conversations in your home fun and easy to begin.

videos to teach families to talk about Jesus at home

Just Speak – Online Course for Adults and Teens

Are there people around you that you wish knew Jesus, but you just don’t know how to have that conversation with them? If you’re interested in growing in confidence to have spiritual conversations with people that don’t know Jesus yet then this class is for you. This three session course will help you learn how to speak genuinely, deeply, and consistently in a way that breaks down the defenses that often arise in these conversations.

You can take the class with your family, older kids, friends, or Bible study group. Together you will grow in confidence to speak about Jesus with those around you.


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videos to teach families to talk about Jesus at home

Write Your Family Mission Statement

Coming up with a personal or family mission statement can be powerful. It’s a great activity for all to engage in. Deciding to be Eternity Changers and defining what that means for you and your family will be a great start to your bold faith journy.

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videos to teach families to talk about Jesus at home

Know Your Faith Story

One of the best ways you can reach your friends and family for Jesus is to know your own faith story. It is powerful when you and your kids know how to share your own testimony of how amazing God is. Learning to share your testimony will transform you and your family and the conversations you have.

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videos to teach families to talk about Jesus at home

Prayer Card

There is power in prayer. When we pray for those around us that don’t know Jesus it will open doors. This prayer card is a fun and easy way to identify the people God has placed in each of your lives that you can be a light to. Simply print, fill in and begin to pray and see what God does through your prayers.

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video explaining how to be saved by Jesus and believe in Jesus

Video Presentation of the Gospel

Hear the Gospel presented using our 5 key gospel truths. See how they flow together to complete the story of God’s plan for you. Watch for yourself or show it to someone who needs to hear the message of Jesus and better understand God’s plan for their lives. 

The message of Christ is always the same, but sometimes putting it in a specific order will help you better understand and feel more confident to share. 

video explaining how to be saved by Jesus and believe in Jesus

The Gospel Story Outlined

The idea of telling people about Jesus and sharing our faith can often feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. When we layout the message of Christ in a way that makes sense to us, it will make sense to those we share with. 

You already have all the knowledge you need to start sharing your faith , you just need to outline it in a way that builds confidence to speak.

share the gospel with others using this printable worksheet

Printable Gospel Presentation

When learning how to share the gospel having a foundation of knowledge makes all the difference. Use this printable to begin learning 5 key Gospel truths that will help you understand the message of Christ better and be prepared to share with others.

Finding your confidence to talk about Jesus doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. Use this free Eternity Changers printable to start feeling more comfortable today.

present the gospel illustration

Digital Gospel Story Tract

Sharing the gospel is made easy with a digital 5 part gospel track. We believe the gospel is made easier when broken down into 5 key gospel truths. When shared in a certain order these 5 key gospel truths help the gospel the be more clearly understood.

You can use this track as a guide to share the gospel with others or use it to begin memorizing the 5 Key Truths. 

videos to teach families to talk about Jesus at home

Family Table Time Videos *Coming Soon*

Gathering around the table is one of the most common places where families come together in their day, which makes it a great opportunity to have conversations about Christ and His Good News.

We’ll help you get started with your Family Table Talk conversations.

family reading christian blog

Eternity Changers Blog Library *Coming Soon*

Our blog will be filled with tips, how to’s, encouragement and inspiration for you and your family as you embark on this eternity changers journey. We will do our best to provide knowledge on the gospel, tips on teaching your kids to be bold, success stories, lots of encouragement and free resources that will help you along the way. 

We’ll help you stay inspired for you and your children to continue on this wonderful bold faith journey.

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