You Can Share the Gospel.

5 Steps to Win People for Jesus

Sharing the gospel can happen any day, at any time.

How to Get Ready to Share the Good News

Step 1: Pray for your family and friends. God can work in their hearts even before you say anything about Jesus to them. Model praying for others’ salvation with your kids. They’re watching how you pray.

Step 2: Start talking about God, Separation, Jesus, Healing, and Eternal Life as a family. Bring up the 5 Key Gospel Truths whenever you see an opportunity!

Step 3: Organize your story in a way that’s compelling and winsome with our Gospel Thoughts Worksheet.

    Step 4: Grab your favorite Gospel-Sharing Tool and carry it around with you.

    Step 5: Attend our “Prepare to Share” Course, and learn how to present the Gospel to anyone in your life using 5 Key Gospel Truths and your story!

    christian spiritual conversation starters for kids and families

    Resources to Get You Going

    Prayer Card [Free Download]

    Ask God to grow your passion for sharing the Good News with others. Pray, specifically, for thepeople in your life who do not know/believe in Jesus. Ask God to soften their hearts, open their eyes, and open their ears to His Good News.

    Table Talk - Gospel Cards [Order Your Box]

    Make the most of mealtimes with these insightful, Bible-based questions. Everyone can teach their kids to be bold followers about Jesus. It just takes one conversation at a time to teach them a Gospel-centered worldview.

    Gospel Thoughts Worksheet [Free Download]

    Organize your thoughts and story on this free downlad designed to help you prepare for sharing the gospel with your friends, family, and co-workers. You can do this worksheet yourself, with your kids, and with your small group! It’s a great opportunity to find the language and confidence you need to be bold in talking about God.

    Gospel Tools [Order Your Favorites]

    We have bracelets, keychains, printouts, and more. Each of these tools was created to help you always have something with you that you can use to talk bout the Good News with others. Whether you wear the wristband, carry around the keychain, or keep it in your backpack, you’ll be prepared for boldness with a tool in-hand!

    Prepare to Share Course

    Join us for 6 weeks devoted to learning how to share the Gospel using the 5 Key Gospel Truths and your personal story. This focused time will equip you with the confidence and words you need to help anyone in your life understand the Good News about Jesus and take a step of faith to believe in Him.

    The 5 Key Gospel Truths

    believe them, speak them, & repeat them.


    God is king over all and wants a relationship with you.




    Separation from God happens when we disobey and sin.  


    Jesus is the only one that can rescue you from separation. 



    Healing only comes when you put your trust in Jesus.


    Living with God lasts forever and you can enjoy it now.


    Resources to

    Help You Share the Gospel

    At Home

    The place where you spend most of your time is the place where your children will grow the most. That’s why we’ve created a variety of at-home resources for you and your kids to grow and speak about Jesus together.

    teach your kids to share the gospel in the car


    Busy parents can still raise your kids up to love Jesus and speak about him. Our on-the-go resources are created to help you make the most of your travel time, so that you can create teachable moments in all of your in-between-times.

    children evangelism resources

    With Friends

    It doesn’t take a fancy preacher to lead your friends and family to Jesus. Our “With Friends” resources are created to help you and your kids to speak clear, simple truths that change eternities to the people around you.

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