Happy New Year! As we look forward to great things in 2024, we cannot help but reflect on all that God has done this past year. Buckle up because He’s been on the move with Eternity Changers. From speaking engagements to special events to partnerships, He’s changing eternities every day! We feel so blessed and fortunate to be a part of what He is doing in this generation and the next. As you read through these blessings of 2023, know that we would love for these things to bless you, your church, or your community in 2024!

Eternity Changers Parenting Seminar

We kicked the year off with a seminar at a new church where 20 families received training on how to apply gospel-learning moments into their daily lives in a fun and simple way. Parents gained a greater passion for raising their kids to know and love Jesus, and to boldly speak about Him. Our favorite part was seeing them memorize scripture as a family. It’s always precious to see moms and dads get down low, read the Bible, and do hand motions to the memory verses. Each family left knowing how to teach their kids God’s ways, with resources in hand, and a committed heart to raise their family on the truth of the Gospel. 

LightHouse Church Mops Group

Speaking at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups in the area has been a joy for me (Alyssa). MOPS is a group I am very familiar with as I was blessed by their ministry when my kids were pre-schoolers. These women in Mops groups crave advice, tools, and encouragement as they raise their kids in a Christian home, so I love to give back to MOPs moms by introducing them to Eternity Changers and our resources.  

Evangelism Training For Teens

We had the privilege of speaking to a group of teens in our local church on topics such as: The Perfect Thing to Say, The Good Samaritan, and we even got to take them through our Just Speak Course. The students loved how Eternity Changers makes the gospel so easy to understand, and helps them overcome a lot of the fears in sharing Jesus with their friends. Every time we spoke we gave them a new gospel sharing tool that takes the pressure off starting conversations about Jesus with their friends, and builds in them an evangelistic mindset.

Evangelism Course For Teens And Adults

One of the big questions we often get from parents with older kids is: “Do you have anything for our teens?” We are always proud to say we do. All of our resources can be easily adapted for teens because of the deep biblical concepts and spiritual knowledge within. But, we have also created a course called Just Speak that is designed specifically with our teens and adults in mind. We recognize that as we get older striking up spiritual conversations requires more finesse and subtlety than it does for children. In the Just Speak Course you and your teens learn what it looks like to just speak genuinely, deeply, and consistently, gradually leading into deeper spiritual conversations. We give practical advice like, “speak to connect, not to convert,” or “listen to understand, not to respond.” This quick three week course is packed with real life advice that comes from Alyssa’s actual experience with a friend who went from paganism and seances to believing fully in Jesus and her whole family turning to Christ.


The Gospel Message Fit Inside An Easter Egg

Easter was exciting here at Eternity Changers this year!! Not only did we have three outreaches with three different churches, but we also added 1,500+ new families and 100+ churches, schools and ministries to our Eternity Changers community. These new families and churches spread the gospel to over 10,000 people using a simple Gospel story egg stuffer. Yes, you read that right!! Over 10,000 children and their parents went home with the gospel in hand, because of this simple yet powerful Gospel Story Easter Egg Stuffer.


Family Evangelism Church Outreach Resources

This year we added on a new level of ministry, offering family evangelism outreach resources to churches. We partnered with three churches during easter to help share the gospel with over 500 kids and parents. Lighthouse Christian Church was one of them. We love seeing parents talk about the gospel with their kids and seeing families share the gospel at events. We help churches set up a craft booth where kids would make a gospel bracelet and talk about each symbol of the gospel, or enjoy a coloring sheet of the gospel story in pictures.  Lighthouse church was one of the church’s that used our resources to spread the hope of Jesus at their easter event. They invited tons of people from their community, and over 300 kids and their parents heard the Gospel that day. Dozens if not hundreds said the prayer to accept Christ! It was a beautiful site to see members of the church lead these conversations, and to see parents learning and teaching the gospel story to their kids as they worked on the bracelet and coloring page together.

Kids Boldly Sharing The Gospel

We are beginning to see the first wave of Eternity Changers kids boldly share the gospel. During our Easter service we saw a few of our shyest kids boldly stand before hundreds of adults and beautifully share the full gospel message (scripture and all). Adam and Kady (the Seed kids) were two of them. We are so proud of the families who are raising up bold evangelists. We know that our kids have become bolder, more confident and more aware of their friends that don’t know Jesus, and we are beginning to hear the stories from other parents whose kids are doing the same thing. We love it!! Eternity Changers is literally at the front line of this war for our children’s faith, fighting against the world around them that is constantly trying to put out their light! Jesus always wins and this is just the beginning of seeing this generation of Christians picking up their torches for Jesus!

NEW One Hour Workshop

Another new piece of the ministry is our One Hour Parenting Workshop, “Incorporating The Gospel Into Your Every Day Life.” Our first workshop was at the Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, CA this summer. We were blown away to have over 100 parents and their children attended. Every parent that attended joined our Eternity Changers network and went home with a free resource, and Be the Light Wristbands for their kids. One mom later shared with us about her experience giving her son the wristband and sharing the gospel with him. She said, “He told me the next morning that he couldn’t sleep last night because he kept noticing his wristband glowing in the dark, remembering the gospel story and couldn’t stop thinking about God.” This workshop quickly became popular and we were able to do a couple more of them before the year end.

Parents Leading Their Kids to Jesus

We had many more opportunities to help parents feel confident to go home and continue the spiritual conversations with their kids and even lead their kids into a relationship with Jesus. One story was from a friend who attended our parenting conference earlier this year. Some months later she joyfully sent me a text to tell me she had the privilege of leading her child to Christ. She told us that they are continuing to have deeper spiritual conversations as her daughter has many questions still. We celebrate every time we hear a parent share about their confidence in talking to their kids about Jesus and teaching them to boldly love talking about Him with everyone around them.

Exhibiting Our Resources At Conventions

We have discovered that Christian homeschool conventions are a great place for us. This summer we exhibited at the Great Homeschool Convention. We sold more resources here than in the previous year combined, and we gave out hundreds of our free resources as well. We had about 200 families sign up to join our Eternity Changers network through several different conventions this year.

Evangelism Resource for VBS Programs & More

We created a new curricula that any church or ministry group can add to their VBS or regular kid’s program. It’s an easy way to add a deep gospel element to the fun. We love VBS curriculum and other kid’s programs in the summer. They are a great way to reach hundreds of kids and bring them into the church building. Our desire is to help churches easily add a deeper evangelism element to their curriculum. This curricula provide scripts and tips for leaders to know how to have spiritual conversations with the kids in their groups, and even to lead them to Jesus when the time comes. We provide 2 videos: one that shares the gospel in a fun and clear way, and another to encourages kids to take the gospel home and share with their friends and family. This resource is not designed to replace what churches do, but come alongside and support VBS programs with the gospel. We did a prototype of this curricula for our home church this last summer and over 450 kids and teens heard the gospel and 60 kids came to Jesus. Every one of the 450 kids went home with a gospel tool that helped them easily know and understand the gospel story, making it easy for them to tell their family and friends.  

Eternity Changers Traveled to DC

We had our first out-of-state parenting seminar and it was exciting!! It is so cool to be partnering with churches on the other side of the country. We were able to bless 30 parents and their 20 kids through teaching and training. The senior pastor and his family even attended and fell in love with our gospel method and at-home resources for families! It was amazing to see a community so far from ours connect with the resources and embrace them for their families. We look forward to doing more cross-country ministry in the future. 

NEW Halloween Outreach Resources

Another resource we developed this year was our “Ultimate Light Quest.” It was designed with Halloween outreaches in mind, but can really be used for any event. It’s a fun scavenger hunt where each family is taken on a journey to find the Ultimate Light. In this Quest, kids search for their clues, they collect five jewels and hear different pieces of the gospel along the way. At the end they reach the final station where they collect the ultimate light gift, but really the gift is that they hear the full gospel and have an opportunity to say yes to Jesus if they’re ready to receive the true Ultimate Light. We provided three different churches with this Outreach resource and over 700 kids heard the gospel, many of which said yes to Jesus! It was a wild success and that was with only three churches! Can’t wait for it to be so many more this year!

Free Seasonal Resources

One of our goals this year was to create more FREE downloads for families in our network who are always needing more gospel centered resources in their home. A few of those resources were our seasonal resources: Easter, summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. All of which have a focus on the the gospel and our 5 truths. We sent over 8,000 emails in 2023 that were packed with free resources for families! Isn’t that incredible?! We look forward to offering these seasonal resources to thousands more families in the new year.

Only the Lord knows how many have been reached through these connections and to what length our resources have impacted believers and non-believers around America. However, we rejoice in knowing that the Lord is at the helm of this ship and He will take these resources where He leads, to the ends of the earth if He will, and we are along for the ride.

Thank you for being part of this amazing Kingdom impacting ministry and for all the sacrifice you make to keep this ship going.