Raise kids who know and talk about Jesus

Help your kids believe deeply in Jesus, speak boldly about Him, and repeat this for the rest of their lives.

Help your kids love the Gospel

As Christian parents, we want our kids to love Jesus and confidently tell others about Him, but where do we start? How do we raise kids who believe wholeheartedly in Jesus, courageously speak about Him in their world, and intentionally repeat these spiritual habits daily? At Eternity Changers we believe that confidently talking about Jesus starts with knowing the Good News about Jesus. That’s why our focus is on helping you and your kids add the gospel into your everyday lives. We do this by teaching kids the 5 Key Gospel Truths below.

5 Key Gospel Truths

that will change your life

At Eternity Changers, we believe the gospel can be summed up in these 5 Key Gospel Truths. Almost everything we want our kids to know about God, the Gospel, our world, and ourselves can be categorized into one of these truths. For simplicity’s sake, this is where we want parents to start. See if you can start talking to your kids about these truths today!

The world isn’t going to teach your kids the truth about Jesus

Raising kids that know and follow Jesus starts with you. Their teachers at school won’t do it. Their friends at the park won’t do it. Even church leaders don’t have the amount of time you have with your kids.

Strong faith starts with talking about Jesus more in our daily lives. 


of Christians say their faith was passed down to them by a family member.


of practicing Christians say they made a commitment to Christ before 12 years.


of Christians believe a desire to share their faith correlates with having more spiritual conversations at home.

the number of hours parents have at home with their kids every year (compared to the 50 hours/year they have at church)

We’re here to help YOU 

As parents we get it. We spend most days crossing our fingers and hoping for the best possible outcome for our kids future faith. That’s why we want to make it easier for you to make spiritual conversations happen in your day. Each day is already full of opportunities to talk about God, Separation (Sin), Jesus, Healing, and Living (Eternal Life). We want to help you make the most of every opportunity with totally-fun, immediately applicable resources to help you raise kids with bold faith.

teach your kids to share their faith

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Our Table Talk-Gospel Cards are a super fun, easy peasy way to start meaningful conversations around mealtimes. We’re big believers in making mealtimes count, so grab your cards today! 

resources to teach your kids the gospel

You’ve given an amazing way to spend time being grateful for Jesus while, simultaneously, spending time with family. The Gospel Card are both meaningful and easy to use. I am so grateful for the things we’re learning through them!”

-An Eternity Changing Mom

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